SureAnalysis is an application used to manage the Sureshotgps range of golf aids. The Sureshotgps devices show the golfer how far away they are from the green, bunkers, and hazards, as well as keeping scores, penalties, sand saves and drive distance. SureAnalysis is used to download courses, delete courses, upload user mapped courses, retrieve saved games, etc.

eTRIX was contracted in July 2009 to develop SureAnalysis for the Apple Mac OS X platform, to complement the original version for Microsoft Windows platforms. SureAnalysis OS X is also known as Mac SA.

Visit the Sureshotgps website for more information on Sureshtogps products. The SureAnalysis software can be obtained from the Sureshotgps download page.


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User Edit dialog
Course Manager
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Course Manager dialog (no filters)
Course Manager
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Course Manager dialog (with filters)
Game Manager
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Game Manager dialog

SureAnalysis OS X Release History

Release v5.7.3
  • Release Notes
    • Add Course Manager feature for SS9000X.
    • Speed up course list retrieval from 8800, Remote, ITB, 8850 and SS8850X.
Release v5.7.2
  • Release Notes
    • Allow for remote units to be registered without going to sureshotgps website.
    • Display device name in messages.
    • Correct issue with SS9000X firmware update.
Release v5.7.1
  • Release Notes
    • Edit user details for SS9000X.
    • Disable Course Manager for SS9000X.
    • Correct issue with SS9000X firmware update.
Release v5.7.0
  • Release Notes
    • Initial support for SS9000X devices.
      • User registration and Firmware Updates.
    • Alert user that MacSA cannot be invoked from the Finder.
    • Alert user when a new version of MacSA is available.
Release v5.6.14
  • Release Notes
    • Use correct Model ID for SS8850X devices.
    • Add extra URL attributes.
    • Update Edit User dialog to support Lifetime membership.
Release v5.6.13
  • Release Notes
    • Fix bug reading courses from SS8850 devices.
      • Regression introduced in v5.6.12.
    • Do not display message dialog if an unknown command is encountered.
Release v5.6.12
  • Release Notes
    • Add support for SS8850X device.
    • Enforce CRC verification on all packets received from SS8850X devices.
    • Fix bug when selecting courses if a filter is set.
    • Don't clear filter when re-reading course info from device or server.
Release v5.6.11
  • Release Notes
    • Add support for Micro on 64-bit OS X 10.6.
    • Resolve exception error if USB drivers were previously downloaded.
    • Fix bug in Firmware upgrade of remote.
  • Technical Changes.
    • Detect version of OS X and download the appropriate USB drivers for OS X 10.6, and OS X < 10.6.
    • Remove local copy of USB archive contents before extracting contents.
    • Fix calculation for total pages field sent to Remote during firmware upgrade.
  • Build Changes.
    • Upgrade to Python 2.7 (2.7.2) as Python 2.5 and 2.6 are no longer maintained.
    • Upgrade wxPython 2.8.12 (from 2.8.11).
Release v5.6.10
  • Release Notes
    • Resolve exception error when editing user details with Micro.
    • Upgrade Remote firmware last (after ITB and Buggy).
  • Technical Changes.
    • Only upgrade firmware if new version is greater than current version (instead of not equal to current version).
    • Ignore IOError (timeout) exceptions for RemoteBinaryVersionGet() calls, as the Remote can timeout if it is not sync'd with the Buggy (and possibly the ITB).
    • Move upgrade of MC/Buggy to before upgrade of Remote.
    • Do not try to copy telephone number from ssUserDetails if server UserDetailsGet() returns an empty string for the Telephone field. That was a special case for when the UserDetailsGet() did not return the Telephone field so the phone number from the device was used. The Micro does not store any phone numbers and the field was set to None which was causing an exception in the UserEdit dialog.
Release v5.6.9
  • Release Notes
    • Resolve issue limiting course download to 10 courses.
    • Fix issue detecting if Micro USB driver is installed.
  • Technical Changes.
    • Convert subscriptionType field to integer in saServer.IsRegistered() function.
    • Changed driver installation path to absolute path (instead of relative path).
Release v5.6.8
  • Release Notes
    • Resolve issue getting details for the Micro.
      • Regression introduced in v5.6.7.
  • Technical Changes.
    • Change ss_micro.SureshotDetailsGet() method to take the 'remote' parameter.
Release v5.6.7
  • Release Notes
    • Resolve issue getting registration details if some details are missing (e.g. Telephone Number).
    • Resolve issue upgrading ITB firmware (via Remote).
  • Technical Changes.
    • Fix exception error generated when parsing an xml element that is empty.
    • Fix firmware upgrade for ITB firmware (via Remote).
    • Fix timeout exception after ITB firmware upgrade.
    • Fix exception when trying to read MC Remote Binary Version.
Release v5.6.6
  • Alert user of expired subscriptions and how to renew the subscription.
  • Fix Course Manager issue for 8800 devices with professional subscription.
Release v5.6.5
  • Detect Micro device when USB drivers are not installed.
    • Regression introduced in v5.6.2.
  • Fix for 8800 firmware download when upgrading from old firmware (v4.2 or earlier).
  • Fix to detect the correct ITB version stored in the Remote during firmware upgrade.
  • Fix program hang if an error occurs during download of new firmware.
  • Display a meaningful error message if the server can not be contacted to verify registration status.
Release v5.6.4
  • Fix game manager to load the correct game when there are games played at the same course.
  • Automatically load games when selected from drop down list.
  • Clear fields (set to zero) if no game is selected.
Release v5.6.3
  • Resolve issues communicating with the Remote.
Release v5.6.2
  • Send user details to Sureshot 88xx devices after editing user details.
  • Resolve issue reading dates from Sureshot 88xx devices.
  • Resolve issue where not all games stored in the 88xx devices are listed in the game manager.
  • Enable cancel buttons on some dialogs.
  • Correct typo in error message.
Release v5.6.1
  • Add support for Sureshotgps Micro.
    • Registration, User Edit, Course Download & Course Delete.
  • Install USB driver for Sureshot Micro
  • Add real-time search filters in Course Manager.
Release v5.5.1
  • Fix issue with device registration.
  • Fix issue submitting edited user details.
Release v5.5.0
  • Implement firmware download to Sureshot and Remote devices.
  • Implement course delete feature.
  • Fix course download to remote.
  • Fix exception error when no device is connected and user selects 'cancel'.
Release v5.4.1
  • Fix bug posting malformed firmware version.
Release v5.4.0
  • Support for Remote device.
Release v5.3.0
  • add support to update user details.
Release v5.2.1
  • fix bug retrieving 100 courses.
  • add support for remote devices.
Release v5.2.0
  • ability to upload user mapped courses.
Release v5.1.0
  • new Game Manager feature.
    • allows uploading games from the device and saving them as a file.
Release v5.0.8
  • new Course Manager feature.
    • allows downloading of courses from a central database and storing them on the device.
Release v5.0.2
  • first release.
    • allows registration of new devices.
Contract Awarded
  • Contracted to develop SureAnalysis application for OS X to manage Sureshotgps golf gps devices.
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