Centurion Expressions Of Interest


Centurion is an Network Termination Unit product that would allow Carrier Ethernet Service Providers to provide a consistent and transparent service to its customers at all end points, regardless of the capabilities of any Third Party Service Provider that may be required to reach to customer sites.

Please visit the Centurion page for more information.

Expressions Of Interest

Expressions Of Interest are being sought from Carrier Ethernet Service Providers who use other service providers to reach their customers, and would like to gain a business advantage by providing a consistent and transparent Ethernet service to their customers.

To request the Expression Of Interest document, please visit the Centurion page.

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Address 1
Address 2
Post/Zip Code
MTU Preservation Feature
VLAN IDs Preservation Feature
Class Of Service (Cos) Preservation Feature
Layer 2 Control Protocols (L2CP) Preservation Feature
Service Operations, Administration & Management (S-OAM) Preservation Feature
Advanced Classification Feature (layer 2-7, content aware)
Centurion Product A (4 x 10/100)
Centurion Product B (4 x 1 GbE)
Centurion Product C (8 x 1 GbE)
INTU Product D (4 x 10/100)
INTU Product E (4 x 1 GbE)
INTU Product F (8 x 1 GbE)
INTU Product G (4 x 10 GbE)
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