eTRIX was established in February 2005 to provide services for Embedded Systems, Robotics and other technologies.

We are based in Melbourne/Australia. Contact us for more information.

We specialise in :-

  • Embedded Systems — PowerPC, M68K, Coldfire, ARM, MIPS.
  • Networking and Communications — protocol development at layer 2-7.
    • Ethernet, ATM, SDH/SONET, TCP/IP, SNMP, HTTP/S, etc.
  • Network Security — privacy, authentication and integrity at layer 2-7.
    • AES, Triple-DES, SHA-1, SHA-2, RSA, DSA, Elliptic Curve, OpenSSL, etc.
  • Linux Embedded Software Solutions in C/C++, Python including HTTP/S, SNMP services.
  • Cross-Platform Software Solutions for Linux, Mac OS X, Microsft Windows using technologies such as Python, C/C++, wxWidgets, etc.
  • Robotics — mobile robotic platforms, control systems, real time sensor interaction.
    • MicroMouse, RobotCup, etc.
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