Welcome to eTRIX — new tricks for new technologies

We specialise in :-

  • Embedded Systems, Networking and Communications, Network Security, Robotics, Linux.
  • Host/Embedded Software Solutions in C/C++, Python, Cobra, including HTTP/S, SNMP, XML services.
  • Cross-Platform Software Solutions for Linux/POSIX, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows.

Technology Roadmap :-

  • iPhone/iPad and Android development.
  • Cloud Computing — including Google AppEngine, Amazon EC2, PiCloud.

Please Contact us for more information.


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Latest News Headlines

Release v5.6.14 of SureAnalysis (OS X) application
Release v5.6.13 of SureAnalysis (OS X) application
Contracted to Leica Microsystems to provide Embedded Software (C++) and Engineering Services.

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